Building Software

Prior to joining Kairos Aerospace in September 2022, I worked as a software consultant and developer with Atomic Object.

I'm passionate about collaborating with designers, developers, and product experts to find the best solution and deliver an excellent user experience. My background as a consultant gives me extensive experience assessing tradeoffs when making product decisions. As a software generalist, I have worked with a variety of technologies.

React, Ember.js, React Native
TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, Python
Node.js, .NET Core
PostgreSQL, Entity Framework
Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure

Leading Teams

As a tech lead, I have worked hard to level up other members of my team. In that capacity, I've guided technical direction for a team of junior developers, designed and facilitated a testing workshop for client developers, and provided feasibility analysis to product-focused team members.

I also have experience breaking down technical work for teams. This has included identifying and simplifying upcoming features based on non-technical designs, breaking features into stories for a team of developers, prioritizing features to limit scope, and consulting with my team's technical experts to strategize implementation.

Sharing Knowledge

In October 2022 I was a speaker at LeadDev San Francisco. My talk was about providing support to first-time tech leads.

During my first two and a half years with Atomic Object, I authored blog posts on a regular basis on Atomic Spin, Atomic's Blog. I was particularly proud to have one of my posts shared to the email subscribers of The Ember Times.

I also enjoy participating in events that introduce people to technology. I have spoken on panels about being a woman in tech, co-hosted workshops on Git for college students, coached middle school students during learn-to-code workshops, and offered one-on-one advice to college students considering computer science as a major.